Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mary Katranzou Dresses I randomly Found...

Mary Katranzou is one of my favorite designers right now and these dresses speak for themselves...Damn honestly does your favorite blog dig into the archives and show you the hot sh*t Really? Cause I'm feelin like you out here tryna follow blogs just because of everyone else following....for the most part most of them are name brand whores and we the only ones that just show the best sh*t regardless. Just point blank the best sh*t. Follow the blog and watch history. Yaw couldn't buy freshness or Swag so yaw try to steal ours...its ok....

If You are interested in purchasing them email me cant keep giving you all these links and they yaw try and steal out sh*t with no credit given...Just go take all your stuff from Hypebeast like yaw been doing anyway...

“in MY eyes” - Installation 2

"Taking art and his dedication to technical outerwear to new levels of visual communication, 686 founder Michael Akira West began the “in My eyes” as a new outlet for creativity last year beginning with an installation inspired by Lego and International Code flags. Going forward, “in MY eyes” - Installation 2 explores the theme of “Cash $”, a concept that has numerous definitions including Greed vs. Good, Want vs. Need, Evil vs. Good and Poor vs. Rich amongst others. Inspired by the global dominance of currency and the polar opposites in symbolic meanings, West took over one thousand $1 USD bills which were then laminated to a jacket. Keeping in line with 686’s technical innovation in their apparel, the jacket is based on a 3-layer waterproof mesh membrane and over twelve personnel a space of approximately two weeks to execute the piece."


Somebody Get Their Son......Funny Fat Kid Dancing

My Favorite Joint Off The Album...Young Jeezy - Circulate

This is a different sound for him and I like when artist go outside of their box...because teh first half of the album sounded like all his old stuff...and this is a hot video

Pt. 2 Of The Funniest Video In '09

Tubesteak Denies Gettin Punched In The Face [Comedy Parody]

Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Gets HIV IN MAIL?

I know I shouldve posted this earleier today but I have been busy...but pretty much let them tell the story..


Why is this music blowin the Sh*t out of Me? Why do you You Tube people put dumb a$$ songs over top of the stuff I wanna hear like fist hitting face and smacks on face? I dont know...but I dont do metal...Good fight though

Nike Air Pegasus ‘89 ND

"This Spring Nike seeks to release the Nike Air Pegasus ‘89 ND. The reissue takes the classic canvas and adds some new eye catching Spring colors. The black swoosh and accents contrasts with the deep pink on the sole, the inner shoe and shoelaces. Be on the look out for the shoes at the Nike flagship store, 21 Mercer, on April 1st for $88."
Via Hypebeast

Wow....Chill but yet so decisively fresh. Yaw understand me right?

New Camron Video "I Used to Get It In In Ohio"

Marc Jacobs Vans


Iris Van Herpen Runway...

Iris Van Herpen is a fashion designer from the netherlands.

Woodgrain Specs...a notch up...

We may be late the woodgrain eyeglass frame world (I’m still rocking Etnias, marc jacobs, etc.), but we cannot pass up covering the Urban Spectacles collection of eyeglass frames. “Using the most eccentric and durable hardwoods as material, each pair of eyeglasses is fully customized to meet the specific desires of the individual.” The model above is made from Desert Ironwood and has been applied with a clear coat which protects the natural wood from UV rays and is “skin safe.”

Videos Of The Week :

Juicy J- Bandz Make Her Dance

Nas Bye Bye Baby

NaS | "Bye Baby" (Visualized by Aristotle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Mac Miller - Clarity (Official Music Video)

Juicy J – This B*tch By My Side (Video)


Mashup Of The YEAR!!!!: Lil B - Pretty Boy