Monday, January 31, 2011

MIKE JAGGERR - " The Eleventh Hour"

This mixtape is something special and Im not sure if many people realize this cd exist. Truely a masterpeice and just gives another testament that true music isnt dead. Dont know where dude came from but hes got the goods to go straight to the top. Not the biggest fan of some of the first couple of just pure rap songs but the R&B songs on here are crazy. I sing the hooks all day and I just wanted to share this with you all and make sure you indulge in this good shit right now. You seen it first. CL baby...

The Eleventh Hour mixtape, all original songs, written, performed and produced by Mike Jaggerr.

French Montana - "Choppa, Choppa Down"

Monday, January 24, 2011


I had been contemplating even doing the post for the last couple of weeks. I knew that if I were going to do it I would actually have to go back and listen to several mixtapes throughout 2010 to make sure my credibility and my superior listening skills in music is in way shape or form flawed. I listen to over the course of a year roughly about 1000 mixtapes I would say (not including albums). So as you can imagine it is very hard to narrow down the best of the best. Before I go any further I want to lay down some rules before anyone gets mad and wonders why your favorite DJ’s mixtape wasn’t added on to this list and yada yada yada.

Rule #1. – Mixtapes will solely be based on an artist solo effort.
Rule #2. - No compilations (in other words, no “Best of’s” and “Series”)
Rule #3. - Must be an official authorized mixtape by the given artist. No DJ made up mixtapes that the artist is unaware of.
Rule#4. - Mixtape must be available for download (I will include all listens and download through Datpiff because of the fast speeds and easy listening gadget on site. So if you don’t have a membership please get one now. They have every mixtape in the world dating back to 2000 or something.)
Rule #5. - Don’t cry and just accept the fact that these really were the top 10 mixtapes of 2010.

With that said I still feel like I am forgetting a couple of cds or something but if I am, pleasssse by all means let me know what I am missing or what I got wrong. That’s what post like these are for right?


#10. Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon

This mixtape came so late in the year right after Christmas that some may believe this actually qualifies for a 2011 pick. Never the less the mixtape came in 2010 and baby it was a monster! This mixtape confirms what we all thought about Nipsey when he first came out with the “Bullets Aint Got No Name” Series with just raw west side tales of a Gangsta all the way Crippin with a great ear for the best beats. The number one trend on this entire list is great production and this mixtape never falls short on any production levels. The majority of the mixtapes chosen on this list have their own producers and do not settle for the now cliché “50 Cent” early 2000’s approach of just rapping over other peoples beats and making your own song out of it. Nipsey creates his own sound on the west coast without any help from Snoop or Dre and that in its own right is an accomplishment in the struggling west coast in today’s southern hip hop landscape.

My personal favorite = #12 “Call from the Bank” (Rapping on a MGMT beat = Pure Genuis)

9. Lil Phat- “Death Before Dishonor”

The true wild card out of the entire list. I think I will probbab ly get the most flack off this mixtape choice, especially since I left off some of your favorites such as Lupe’s, “Enemy of the State” & Jeezy’s “Trap or Die 2”. But please hear me out or better yet hear Lil Phat out. His first mixtape release with DJ Khaled ,“Life of a Youngsta” was decent by all means but pretty much went over real rap listeners heads simply due to the over saturation of mixtapes and albums dropped every year. This release however, on the brink of Lil Boosie’s incarceration set the tone for Trill Fam and their spot in hop hop. Why all the attention is on Young Money at press time, there is a “No Limit/ 90’s Cash Money” aura that looms over Trill Fam's music. The hard edged gangsta tales of Baton Rouge are so convincingly conveyed through each track. With in house producer “Mouse on the Track”, they seemingly take over where Mannie Fresh and Cash Money left off in their high points in developing their own unique style. Mouse is responsible for the emergence of Lil Boosie in my eyes and that’s why when another member of the Trill Fam continues to carry the torch for his rap la-familia its exciting! The rap tales on this mixtape are almost “Pac” like. I hate comparing anyone or saying anyone name in the same sentence as Pac but the realness and sincerity of the songs that Phat puts out on here are almost mind blowing as he navigates you through the street life of a Lousiana, "Post Katrina" era. Like I said this one is a true wild card off the radar mixtape but for real rap listeners this cd is more then worthy of a top ten selection in this years selections.

My personal favorite = #4 “Sick Shit”

8. J. Cole – “Friday Night Lights”

Coming off lots of momentum from the BET Rap Awards and of course the Freshman Top 10, Cole seems to seemingly run through freestyle and hand crafted classic song after song on this almost heroic mixtape. The North Carolina native makes this rap thing seem so honest and takes the the glitter out of the glammer of the bright lights that most rappers always seem to always turn on for the audience. Cole appeals to a much wider audience then the traditional fan in my eyes. With a soft spot for the women he and Drizzy Drake breeze through rap classics such as, “In the Morning”, where he spits raps about the ups and downs of that ever so special morning sex. Then flips the script and raps his ass off on timeless freestlyes that give us an inside look at “Fayet-Nam”(Fayetville, N.C). The Roc Nation MC is just brutally honest in his approach and wins over music fans every day and Friday Night Lights given away for free is almost insane when you think about it in the context of its album format.

Favorite Quotable= “ Before Im Gone” -
The more n-ggas sayin’
Cole the wrong one bringin’ the city shine
All he ever doin’ is paintin’ pictures of crime
Tellin’ stories of pain, paintin’ pictures of dope
Bitch if you listen I’m paintin’ pictures of hope
That boy in class embarrassed because he broke
Hopin’ the day he won’t be the butt of somebody’s jokes
See me; I lived it all from dirt-poorin’ and trailer
Worried about my mother and never trustin’ my neighbors
To middle-class with a backyard and my own room
To bein’ the only black kid in my homeroom
academically gifted and followed my own rules
Was runnin’ the streets hey ma I’ll be home soon
Was out chasin’ ho’s, was out hoopin’
Them n-ggas wasn’t ballin’ but yet they was foul shootin’
So meet the newest role model who don’t know how to fake this sh-t
Never sold a rock and look I made it bitch

My Personal Favorite= #9 “Higher” (Just Feels good)

7. Rick Ross- “Albert Anastasia"

This mixtape could have easily been rated higher when you think of the magnitude of this banger. The emergence of the two songs “ M.C Hammer” & “B.M.F” set the tone for entire Summer! Just when the haters thought 50 Cent actually had some type of effect on Ross’s career, he jumps out with the biggest street anthems of the year. The well rounded selections of music are just brilliant to say the least. The connection with Diddy is almost comical but somehow it works. Its like he has resurrected a simmering career from Ross and made him sizzling hot like a brand new artist. Not quite Biggie, but its not bad being Ross. His smooth laid back approach on timeless songs just makes him the coolest fat man to ever throw on lavender crock skins. “BOSS!” (In my best Ross voice).
My Personal Favorite- “B.M.F” (Of course)
Favorite Quotable- "Rose’ that’s my nickname, Cocaine running through my big vein”

6. French Montana- “Mac with the Cheese 2”

With so much bullshit coming out of New York its so refreshing to get a new breath of life from the Mac with the cheese. When Max B was not incarcerated he elevated Frenchie’s game to another level. The Coke Wave series of mixtapes are regarded as the holy grail in places such as Hartford, Connecticut and upper Tri State areas. No one ever thought that the light skin kid from Africa who used to freestle on Smack dvd’s would sign with Akon and Konvict music and emerge as the front runner for the “New” New York. With Mac with the Cheese 2 he has single handily put his name into the XXL Freshman top 10 with just one mixtape. If he does not get on that cover of the magazine then it would be a crying shame. The intro on this mixtape is quite possibly the best intro I have heard in the last decade of music. With a great list of features to go along with the new Konvict signee Frenchie has made his smooth southern draw New York flow a unique style that listeners have grown to love. Managed by Waka Flocka’s mother he has the potential to take over the streets in 2011 for good and make the Diplomat movement not as anticipated as some would think. With some of the artist from New York growing in age such as Jadakiss and Fabolous, its only right that the new breed carry the torch for Hip Hop’s mecca. Most people reading this will argue with me leaving several New York artist mixtapes off this list and having French Montana’s on here instead. But what can I say other then the fact I pick the hottest shit period. Features from Nikki Minaj, Jada, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Waka Flocka, O.J, Bun B, and Curren$y.If your favorite rapper isn’t on here its because they just didn’t come with it mixtape wise and this Mac with the Cheese simply did inside and out.

My personal favorite= #1 –“ Intro” & #8 “So High”

Favorite Quotable - #10 “Im on it”
“And I be's the jungle fever
Get the heart cheaper, lower than a dark caesar
Unbeatable, unbelievable and the drug dealers love me told me I don't need the blow
Here's a half a brick nigga you don't need to show”

5. Big Krit – “Big Krit Was Here"

All I can say is = LONG LIVE PIMP C!!! R.I.P Chad Butler. Although Big Krit’s subject content stretches from welfare to hustling and cadillacs and what ever else goes on under the sun in Mississippi. My point is that when Pimp C died a part of me and a lot of real rap listeners died as well. Just like pimp he raps but his production is just as deadly. What we all didn’t know is that a guy from Mississippi not named David Banner would come out and flip scriptures of pimpin and inner city struggles as well. A couple of MTV Jams plays and recognition from many other artist who uses his help along the way (ex. Devin the Dude and Slim Thug & Curren$y). This mixtape showed the people that south has something to say. We We been saying this along. If he isn’t a Freshman top 10 this year as well I don’t know what is. This body of work made sure everyone knew BIG KRIT WAS HERE.

Favorite Quaotable#4- “Hometown Hero”-
“Flyer then I have to be
Talking to the Lord, I can't stay,
Who gone save hip-hop after me,
That's like a torn ACL to an Athlete,
Boobie Miles, Friday (Night) Lights,
Capture me, In my hometown...”

4. Dom Kennedy- “From Westside with Love"

I cant say this enough: DOM IS THE BEST ON THE WEST RIGHT NOW!!! This rapid fire flow is so unique its crazy that not too many people don’t give this guy the props he deserves. All of his mixtapes including “Future Street” and “25th Hour “, make him the all around artist that make legends. He has the tools to make him the best in the game but somehow because of the geographic climate currently in hop hop he cannot get enough attention to his mixtapes to shake up the masses. The wordplay is so clever it would make Jigga himself scratch his head on his punchlines. If you honestly think Llloyd Banks and Fabulous are the punch line kings…I dare you to listen to this mixtape or any of the past mixtapes I just named and listen to the way he delivers. The classics Dom drops almost effortlessly without even breathing from line to line make any listener feel as though they should jump into the rap game. His partner Carter is another artist to watch for simply because of the style and flow. If you are not familiar with Dom Kennedy please please please download this and take a listen and see what you missed in 2010 from this classic mixtape that opened the flood gates for his following.
Favorite Quotable- #3 “1997”

“Has some iceberg and I used to want that Coogi
Back in 97 man my uncle wore the Gucci
And he rocked Polo, and he wore the Stussy
I am no marine but these niggas do salute me
Catch me on Peco, I am like the Lucy's
Give it to em raw, I am like the sushi
I hate how rappers use the term "fresh" so loosely
Bad ass nigga, I am like Boosie
But that just might have went over yo head like a kufi
If I was a DJ, I would be Brucey
Or any of them niggas Biggie shouted out on juicy”

My personal Favorite Song #13- “Speaker Phone”
3. Big Sean – “Finally Famous Vol 3.”

No surprise G.O.O.D music would end up on this list some where down the line. The surprise is that maybe that Kanye isn’t on this list. Many of the games veterans were not heavy on the mixtape scence this year and this opened the door for many of the young guns of the game to walk right on thru the door. Big Sean’s entire “Finnally Famous” mixtape collections have set him up to deliver one of the most anticipated albums of 2011. He gave us countless punch lines and wity flows that make him in my eyes in the top 10 MC’s period in the game currently right now. Doesn't hurt to have a co-sign from Kanye as well I guess. Crazy thing is that because he knew people would say that, Kanye is not on the entire mixtape except a quick freestyle where he and Sean exchange some verses on the last track. But from the intro to the end of this mixtape there is no skipping tracks and just hot songs to make you believe what Kanye himself must have believed when he signed this dude. His flow over Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” beat makes you almost forget the original version because its just so clever and the flow pattern is just unmatchable. You couldn’t rap like him if you tried your hardest. This D-Town artist brings his own slang and style to the game that makes people just stop and watch because its just star power at its finest. A true star in the making. Believe that. Im never wrong.

My personal favorite Song - #2 “ Meant to Be”
Favorite Quotable – #6 “High Rise”-
“I never followed suit u were more like pin stripes
Riding ye's maybach smokin so it's cloudy
With 3 girls who spend all day doing pilates
Getting money niggas think I joined Illuminati
Throwin west side up I'm feeling like illuminati
Now isnt it ironic that I'm in a big body
Paranoid cause every rapper named big got bodied”

2. Wiz Khalifa- “Kush & O.J”

Where do we start with Mr. Khalifa? Ever since the Flight School mixtape this guy has been on a roll that is just unstoppable and undeniable. The songs that he creates make you just sing them all day. Long before “Black and Yellow”, this artist has created hit after hit. The only difference is that the songs he created before were just never played by your favorite DJ. The hits he has made in his career give him a whole fucking set in an entire night in the club. Sad part about it is that the most mediocre song that he created is perhaps his biggest hit. Nevertheless, the guy who spends $10,000 a month on weed (LMAO), delivers arguably the best album/mixtape of the year. This was hard for me not to name this number one simply because of the impact of this albu…umm cough uggh..I mean mixtape on the internet world. When this got uploaded on the net it was so congested that I had to wait to download the damn mixtape. The 100,000 in the first week through his own link has to be a record right? Either way it probably is one of the most downloaded mixtapes of the year next to the likes of Kanye’s “Yeezy Effect” & Eminem's "Remission". Just a cool nerd killing beats and without a doubt the best hook maker of our generation. With little features on this mixtape this skinny little kid from Pittsburgh delivers a knockout classic that will forever be embedded in the hearts of his cult following. This is perhaps the cd that made him not just an internet sensation and created awareness to the bandwagon followers that I meet randomly that swear they listen to an artist since….since…like the beginning of time or something. Regardless the end result is = TALYOR GANG OR DIE.

My personal favorite song- “Never Been” & “Kid Frankie”

1.Wale – “More About Nothing”

The following will maybe get me killed in some areas, : NOT ONLY IS THIS THE BEST MIXTAPE OF 2010 BUT WALE IS IN THE TOP 3 RAPPERS RAPPING TODAY BEHIND KANYE AND WAYNE (EMINEM DON’T COUNT…DON’T ASK MY WHY). Wale will go down as the most underrated rapper of all time behind the likes of Big L, Soulja Slim, Rakim, E-40, Mac, AZ, and a long list of rappers who never get the respect they deserve. This mixtape is the most genius mixtape I perhaps have ever heard. Not only was it best mixtape of 2010 but it was also one of the best mixtapes ever made. Wale's album looks like dog shit compared to this mixtape (I still thought the album was 4 mics though..just saying). No other artist in the world touches on topics that Wale does while still oozing out the bravado that he does so well. From baby father dramas to songs created to the inner thoughts of Tiger Woods. It leaves you wondering, “ What cant he rap about?”. So talented and so fresh at the same time make me actually envy him. I have never felt that way about another person before ever in my life. He raps like Wayne mixed with Kanye in a District of Columbia caligraphy drawn all over the tracks on this mixtape. Almost like Tom Brady in the Zone he just raps in this wave that has a pattern where its almost like seeing sounds. This mixtape with plenty of Seinfield exerts make it even more creative then the title would insinuate. Just when you think life is about sex, drugs, money, and cars here is a mixtape with no purpose on garnering the attention of a particular audience and just focuses on creating the best music we have heard in 2010. He cleverly runs through songs that just make you smile at the mind of a genius.(Mind you, Mixtape about Nothing part 1 is nothing short of a classic as well) Picture Russell Crowe in “Beautiful Mind” rapping and this is it.. His metaphors on here are Godly and matched by none. With songs such as “Downtown” making womens hearts melt all across the world as well. Its really hard to put into words what exactly makes this mixtape so wonderful other than just listen to it from beginning to end and just free your mind of any pre misconceptions and just enjoy
Favorite Quotable- EVERYTHING!!! sike...
#6- “Number One”-
When you strive for perfection,
Desire get confused and you could lose your direction,
I lost my connection with a brethren,
Athlete mentality so fuck my competition,
Me and him was homeless, maybe we still cool,
But every time we book, we stay in our green room,
Maybe it's on me, or brother it's on you,
Or maybe its they fault that we aint holla since June,
Fuck it we on the move, none of use tryna lose,
I am out of this world and you a man on the moon,
I'll meet you in the sky,
Look this whole time, we was comin from separate towns to hold down,
I figure this where my heart at,
This shit has got my soul,
I tell them niggas picture me rolling I get the Kodak,
If ya'll don't know ya history ya'll should look a lil' closer,
I feel like Quasimodo with all this shit on my shoulders,
They say this media changed, these verses gettin strange,
Who you know famous and rich can say the same?
How can niggas blame us, I am not ashamed but,
I don't understand how this game made us strangers, look,
Competition, for the love and anyway it go, they gon remember us,
My nigga, its all love, that's how this shit be goin when you go for number one,
We tryna be number one, number one, we tryna be number one,
When you strive for perfection,
Desire get confused and you could lose your direction,
I lost my connection with my woman,
I needed her support but she was thinkin bout a marriage, FORGET IT!
I know your love is the purest,
But sexin without affection is necessary for some of us,
Here's my heart you can hold it, I won't need it on this road trip,
And I ain't tryna cheat so go head, leave me to my lonesome,
GO! you free to go about your business,
But if we back to business hope we resurrect the feelin,
I'm a real nigga, them other niggas fill in,
The only girl I say I love you, and I'm not pretendin,
Look, I got no time for that type of connection,
Meantime, I hope you keep your vagina protected,
Your friends say, why we not together yet
Sad but its true, but I ain't on ya level yet,
Tryna keep a level head,
Workin like a Mexican,
Runnin this bitch, feel like I deserve a medal here,
First placin it, wine wastin it,
With all due respect, I cant have you in the way of it,
Competition, she in love, and anyway it go,
I'm gon remember her, but still,
My nature, its all love, that's how that shit be goin,
She vying for number one,
Tryna be number one,
She tryna be number one, she tryna be number one, tryna be number ONE!

So that Raps that up this year. Please feel free to comment and bash me as much as possible or share your thoughts. I love it. This wasnt really as tough as I thought but still leaves me wondering did I miss something? hmmmmm

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg - That Good

SNOOP & WIZ a.k.a CHEECH & CHONG "THAT GOOD" Directed by: Dah Dah Off Tha Movie & Soundtrack "High School" COMING!!!!!! JUNE 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Mixtape: Gucci Mane - Gucci 2 Time

Gucci Mane made a lot of noise this week with his new face tattoo and he's about to make some more with his new mixtape, Gucci 2 Time. Hosted by DJ Love Dinero and executive produced by Waka Flocka, Gucci comes thru with new tracks and remixes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tity Boi feat Cyhi da prynce & Dj Scream -Stand Still

Tity Boi feat Cyhi da prynce & Dj Scream -Stand Still by 2chainzmusic


The Air Jordan 3 “Black History Month” features an all black upper composed of nubuck and smooth leather. Elephant print is replaced with a new graphic print similar to that seen on various Spizike releases. Gold eyelets and branding add contrast to this new colorway.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nicki Minaj Rocks Her Scary Ego For "V" Magazine's Discovery Issue

The Rise and Rise of NICKI MINAJ – The tough-talking, one-upping, bodacious, curvaceous Nicki Minaj is taking music to places cooler and more colorful than ever. And in the boys’ club of the 21st-century hip hop, she’s stolen every scene to become the genre’s Barbie-pink princess
. Secretly, though, she’s gunning for queen.

Photography by: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Styling by: George Cortina; Text by: Knox Robinson

“Everything I do has been approved by me personally. My team is mostly made up of guys, but none of them would ever think about telling me what to wear or what to do with my hair. They know that ultimately I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do.” –Nicki Minaj

Commonwealth Hats for this Cold Winter !!!

The Game Season 4 Episode 1

TI$A x Revive x Big Sean Hometown Heroes Event


Videos Of The Week :

Juicy J- Bandz Make Her Dance

Nas Bye Bye Baby

NaS | "Bye Baby" (Visualized by Aristotle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Mac Miller - Clarity (Official Music Video)

Juicy J – This B*tch By My Side (Video)


Mashup Of The YEAR!!!!: Lil B - Pretty Boy