Friday, October 31, 2008

New ALIFE fitteds!

Always coming correct with the fitted game, ALIFE comes again with a fresh new selection. Over-sized embroidery, and loud colors makes these hats a must have for the Fall/Winter season.


This set is a continuation of the first digital watch series from Gucci for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The sporty look with a touch of class is how I would describe these. Available worldwide at select Gucci accounts

Fox News Edits Criticism of McCain Out of Daily Show Clip?

A Guy I found on You Tube does these videos to show how the world pulls wools over our eyes all the time. This is crazy if you cosider how much Fox News does this on so many issues on the political coverage.
Just Watch...

On a Lighter note...



We hope this project bridges the gap between genres, fans, and generations. And if you haven't...make sure you BUY the real Jay-Z and Coldplay these guys remixed on this project. Support quality artists. Links on bottom...

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban:
Viva La Hova

All blends/mixes done by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban…


Happy Holloween From Cocaine City ..... French Montana as the Joker.French Montana - Why So Serious [Halloween Edition]

Kinda Scary...French Montana - Why So Serious [Halloween Edition]

Any Wayne Fans? Of Course It Is...Roll The footage

BeetleJuice Rap Break Interlude..

New Fendi Spring Collection

It appears Spring 2009 will be the season of
Fendi bags! called it the "kangaroo pouch" and WWD called it the "undone birkin". Fendi's new line comes in every color and material imaginable; crisp white crocodile, black patent, textured lace, woven toile, and what appears to be lizard-- each with a contrasting interior. As you can see, this Spring collection is completely different and a refreshing change from Fendi's usual. I can't wait for these to hit stores!!

The Hundreds 5th Artist Series

Continuing their celebrations for their 5th anniversary, The Hundreds was released October 30th, a t-shirt artist series, designed by artists that have been close to the brand for years. Artists include Robbie Conal, Tofer, MR44, David Choe, and Usugrow.
The Hundreds 5th Artist Series will only be released at the flagship stores in LA and SF.
Detailed images of all five t-shirts follow after the jump.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

EVERYONE LOVES A NICE HOODY RIGHT? If You Didnt Know Crooks & Castles Runs This Area Then Allow Us To Update You...

-Cant Stop The Crooks!
Shout out to Common Weatlh for always showing us the Hot Crooks Early!!! Click the Cant Stop the Crooks link to go ahead and purchase now!!!

Best Halloween Shoe?

One of the more playful sneakers in our Best Halloween Shoes takes the 2nd position. The Papa Bear Dunk High SB was released in 2006 in a collaboration with Medicom which also featured the Mama Bear Dunk Mid SB and Baby Bear Dunk Low SB in the 3 Bears Pack. The Papa Bear Dunk High is made up of fur and leather on upper with a light umber and hot house color-way. On the inside of the sneaker you can find the Bearbrick version of this sneaker and special packaging for the inside of the box. Good luck finding these elsewhere because they immediately sold out upon release.

Based off one of the most classic Halloween characters Frankenstein is used as the main source of inspiration for this Nike Air Force 1 released this time two years ago. The sneakers appear in a familiar Halloween Air Force 1 format, patent leather being paired with designs tying into Halloween, this time around its Frankenstein’s colors and stitching on the toe and heel. We have chosen the Frankenstein to be the 7th best Halloween shoe, but stay tuned to find out what other sneakers made the cut

Then Alife...(2 Styles) Same Cut

features leather uppers with screened insect print detailing, leather inner lining, and an extra set of laces.

OK THESE ARE MY TOP 4 HALOWEEN SHOES. As you can see im partially biased because I own a pair or two of these and also I love Alife alot so...What do you think is better? You got a better choice then me then show me please!!! WHAT IS #5?


Philadelphia had waited 25 years to celebrate a champion. And after 98 seasons of heartbreak, the Phillies delivered on the diamond Wednesday night!!!


No Wonder No one really gives a s*it about baseball....LOL



The Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport becomes what Bugatti calls the fastest roadster in the world, with a top speed of around 225 mph. Put the top back and the Grand Sport will reach just over 250 mph.
These incredible stats are made possible by the Veyron’s 8-liter W16 engine, equipped with four turbo chargers that send 1,001 horsepower to all four wheels. With enormous amounts of torque, the Veyron Grand Sport can reach 62 mph (100 kph) in just 2.5 seconds.

All that performance and exclusivity comes at a high price. The Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport will be priced at 1.4 million euros (just over $2 million) when it becomes available next March. For that one buyer who needed to be first on the list, the right to the first Veyron Grand Sport was auctioned at the Pebble Beach Auction presented by Gooding & Company. With the amount over the asking price going to charity, the winning bid for the new Grand Sport was $3.19 million.



I love Just Cavalli Jeans...probbably my favorite denim along with good ole Chips (Chip & Pepper), True's (Religion of course), and several others....but what about ladies in Cavalli? Glad you asked... THESE EARRINGS ARE STUNNING..AND CAN BE WORN WITH THE BANGEL BELOW THIS POST…AND THEY ARE NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL. REASONABLY PRICED ITEMS TO ME MEANS SOMETHING THAT I FEEL MERITS IT’S PRICE…WHATEVER THAT MAY BE. SO LADIES YOU LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK…DO YOU LIKE THESE??? Who Cares my fly Women out there deffinetly will!

Ferragamo.."A new Look"

Ferragamo has a brand new designer and HELLO, isn't it totally obvious? Cristina Ortiz replaced Graeme Black last season and this her first collection. Although it seems curious as to how this translates to the usual Ferragamo customer, I for one can overlook the old lady classic look that the brand is known for.

The detailing on this is so unusual and eye catching, it was the first thing that I zeroed in on. The entire bag is covered with little leather squares that dangle like confetti. It is also quite big, even the smaller version is about 18" across at the bottom. The larger size looks like a carry on and is extremely heavy. Aside from the weight, you're not going to like the price either, retail price starts @$3450.00..... Available at all Ferragamo boutiques.

Original Fake and Clot Project

A recent collaboration with Union, CLOT has paired with Kaws’ Original Fake on an upcoming t-shirt release. Both have previously worked together on a t-shirt for the CLOT Fantasy collection featuring a series of celebrities. Four colorways are available and will release on Friday, October 31st with a suggested retail price $81 USD.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mccain Has Serious Medical Issue...

Senator Mccain is deffinently in our prayers..Get well soon Sir.

Looks Like Having #1 & #2 Song In Country Has It Perks..

I really haven't seen Chelsea Handler Late night show but this interview was very good in my opinion. She got answers to stuff most people want to hear in a manner that wasn't overbearing. Im not a T.I fan but I just thought this isn't your typical interview and it was pretty cool...maybe its just me.

Better than this interview perhaps...Some of the same questions..

Chance At The Dumbest Reality Show Ever?

New Chance & Real Show started yesterday or the other night or over the weekend...the point is it started recently. Most of the girls I saw were rather hood. All of them were completely "Bopped" out...You ...bopping on those guys. Anyways..Will America Bop? Tune in every....well damn I don't know what day it comes on but at least I do know its on VH1 and heres what you missed so far...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I would hate to see the boys get behind me in this...Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Italian Police Car

I don't think you're going to outrun this...560 hp 5.2-liter v10 Gallardo has everything from GPS, real time wireless video recorder, to even a compartment use to transport body parts to the E.R.....bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when they come for you?

HTC Dream T-Mobile G1...iPhone killer?

KAWS Family Guy???

Artist KAWS, has given us many different pieces from iconic cartoons including SpongeBob SquarePants and the Smurfs. However, one that has yet to be seen in a more widespread light is some private work done for Pharrell Williams. Upon showing off his new Brooklyn Machine Works fixed gear, the piece can be seen in the background. Hopefully something to be unveiled in the near future?

"MCM" Did you forget about it?

Mode Creation Munich, better known as MCM, played a serious role in their collaborative effort with Japanese label TI$A Phenomenon. Featuring top notch monogram pieces, the collection depicts truly unique crafted goods ranging from a hooded leather jacket to various essential accessories. The mocha pieces along with many others, can be found at the Phenomenon online store .

Colabo Between Two Rap Giants...

Reportedly Jay-Z has signed fellow hip-hop star Lil’ Wayne to his new record label, Roc Nation, according to reports. They claim the rapper paid Lil’s Wayne’s current record label, Cash Money, $5million in order to secure the deal.The deal would unite two of the hip-hop industry’s biggest stars.

“The deal was in the works for a while; they just needed to get on the same page as to price. And [everyone’s] there now,” an unnamed source told the online publication.

"New Vera Wang Bags"- Definetely A must HAVE!!!

New Vera Wang Bags!!!!! OMG! Vera Wang has a new Spring 2009 Collection. I'm not sure if you are as excited as I am, but I absolutely love these..What more can a girl ask for? One of my favorite designers is now venturing to bags! How awesome is that? As all things Vera does, she does in her own time and in her own distinct style.

Vera has chosen the traditional lady-like frame bags that are glammed up in satin and beads and trimmed in punk rock ball and chains. These bags will transcend age and style, all designed by Vera and produced by Janis Savitt. There are leather, satin and hand painted silk versions of the oversized frame bags; all of which will work in my wardrobe. Can't wait for these babies to hit the stores!

Any Game Players???????

Most Likely the only time we will ever see John Mccain and Obama Work Together....

D.C WaSsUp? You Didnt Think We Forgot About You Did You?

The most overlooked fashion area in the United States hands down is Washington D.C. period! From trends such as ressurgent denim washes, Nike Boots, Live Music, Terrain Jackets (northface, Helly Hansen), and the list goes on and on. There are brands that stick out in the heart of the city but perhaps none like that of Solbiatio. Nicknamed the "City Versace", Solbiatio sells a vast array of designers from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (My all time Favorite Designer), and even producing there high end sportwear called "Solbiatio Sport". If you are ever in the D.C Area....



"I am Fashion "- Chanel Spring 2009 Collection

"Funny Bags Ruin a Good Thing"?
Karl Lagerfeld understands what a 'Chanel' woman wants - classic elegance with a few touches of modern feminism thrown in for fun. Now 'fun' in fashion is something Mr. Lagerfeld indulges in quite often. Take the Chanel Spring 2009 collection for instance. Lagerfeld keeps the line crisp, clean and accessorized with everything you've come to expect from Coco Chanel. So where does Lagerfeld's sense of humor make a statement? Well, unfortunately, it rears its' ugly head with ridiculous "shopping bag" bags that are meant to poke fun at the more serious Chanel handbag collector. Are we laughing, ladies? I know I'm not.
I suppose Lagerfeld is trying to make a point. The point being that a die-hard Chanel collector would pay big bucks even for a shopping bag if said bag was peddled by Chanel. There are some women who fit that stereotype - the ones that buy every Chanel bag no matter how hideous they might be for the sake of saying "I own every Chanel bag ever made".
This is not to say that the spring line is completely lacking great Chanel bags. On the contrary, there are gorgeous fabric and leather flap bags that will pull at every Chanel lover's heartstrings. All I'm saying is that bags like these which are clearly made for humor, should remain runway accessories and not put up for sale. But, I know some poor woman will want to buy one just to add to her collection.

Videos Of The Week :

Juicy J- Bandz Make Her Dance

Nas Bye Bye Baby

NaS | "Bye Baby" (Visualized by Aristotle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Mac Miller - Clarity (Official Music Video)

Juicy J – This B*tch By My Side (Video)


Mashup Of The YEAR!!!!: Lil B - Pretty Boy